Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Use of online distributions methods to promote products is known as digital marketing. This approach is both time-and cost-saving. Digital marketing is done by terms such as mobile phones, SMS, MMS, instant messaging, web pages, emails, banners and digital billboards.
Digital marketing involves some of the techniques of direct marketing and internet marketing. In digital marketing traditional methods of promotions are executed digitally. This is in two forms, push and pull marketing.
Pull digital marketing requires the user to pull or extract the content directly. The customer has the issue of promotion and see the show itself are examples of Web sites, forums and blogs. All these requirements are to click on a URL to view this content. The content that is not displayed to the guidelines. Effort is necessary to show only the content on the website or forum and there are no additional costs for sending information to the customer but the customer has an extra effort to seek the contents. The customer must not be in this kind of support and a message received by all decisions and can be customized. Customers to see who the contents can not be established, although the rate may be of clicks as an indication of the number of clicks received the message seen. This will enable the tracking click through even though during the campaign, which stores information done.
Push digital marketing technologies will require efforts by both the seller and the customer. The marketing has to push or send the content to the customer and the customer must make the effort of receipt. It is a very effective way of marketing and investment sure to win a big comeback, because it creates awareness. SMS, MMS, emails, RSS podcasting are examples of push digital marketing. Since the content is sent to a private person, it can be tailored to the recipient. If the message was opened and read the customer or deleted, it can be tracked and reported. Customer information such as name could, geographical location is due. But when you send the message to the king, some criteria that SMS and e-mails will be monitored. If marketers do not follow the rules and regulations properly, there is a way to block messages and rejected before the audience and the message is considered spam. Major consequences include marketing temporarily or permanently to get on the black list. The number would be blocked and will not be able to send messages to everyone. Messages to the RSS feeders require a mechanism for an access request, if sent by e-mail marketing system.
Both forms of digital marketing can be used in harmony to achieve positive results. A smart marketing agent sends e-mails with SMS and uses multiple channels to market their products. The type of messages should also differ from each other. They not only text, but animations, videos and audios. There is the possibility of the use of technology push and pull the same message sent as an e-mail to a potential customer can select a URL or a banner, have in the information by clicking on Downloads. When it reaches a large group of people by e-mail, can e-mail service set to send the loads of e-mails to take customers on behalf of marketing and measures, so that the messages are not considered spam.
Although much of the marketing is opt-in have federal laws such as CAN SPAM Act adopted, to divert customers from unscrupulous marketers who would go some way to protect their products or hackers or encourage spammers to know the evil intention, such as damage the computer or installing adware, spyware on the computers. Read More ...


Global marketing, marketing mint made national and international levels, and it involves understanding the similarities, differences and taking advantage of the opportunities to meet Celtic. Focusing on global marketing is as important, focusing on domestic economic mint, is a company whose mission is to increase sales.

The domestic market can become saturated in most categories of products and services, for all industrialized and International Geophysical Year began addressing the all countries to increase their sales. Usually cases, goods that are too expensive for domestic consumers in wealthy countries to buy exported to other well-off countries.

If Parallel Enterprise, first within a given county, it is competition with other domestic companies, the elections in line with international companies who are part of the Parallel Parallel to the market. The steps of marketing professionals based on specific audience. The product is particularly the case for me responsible for the taste of customers at a higher level. The other is that the domestic companies plan to go to prevent a global increase in the carrying companies. They become invisible to the international level to cope with the growing competition that is not aware of the case and potential competitors. The product development Fugger, that there is a need for local residents. The rennet type bothered Business ethnocentric and Only performance in the domestic market.
Companies planning to go abroad to start exporting to the Global Customer First. Back In the beginning, so be satisfying. Export Division headquarters can be introduced to deal with the law. Parallel Parallel NOT be getting a secondary option exporters by providing export management company is in. He deals with language problems, interval of time, paperwork and clients. Help design a treatment is, without an export department office, go abroad in THE. It works with the Office of the Regional Centre. The offshore OFFICES take the appropriate economic decisions, since they have the best knowledge of the market where they operate to ask
The multinational marketing involves marketing in many countries. Marketing is based on the requirements of different countries and pay off the ice returns. Each region must be examined individually, based on the development, production and distribution. The rennet types of markets in the region centered isms. Global marketing involves the whole world. The whole car with a single market and the products are released to meet the demands of the market, and each regional market. Marketers of every car over to the marketing decisions. The rennet types of market geocentric ism.
Parallel Parallel AutoIP ice carrying the market to boost global sales of the left over the past fifty years. Previously, only local companies, mint, Ford and General Motors used to produce cars in America, the competitors in the International Mon Mas, went into the Toyota and Honda is a work in the same market, and a dense local businesses. Another important factor in the global economy by internal ethylene, which has launched e-commerce. The county and the Global Business for online. THIS IS THE spurred sales of the Company and are only growing, growing Internet users informed. The geographic location of the user should prevent that is to say. The Global Marketing and Business-to-business e-Commerce is growing rapidly.
Product, price, location and their promotional items, Global Marketing. The product should be, that the same method can be applied anywhere. It should be considered the most important element in all markets. However, the language in which a handful of product can be changed if the content remains the same Hotel. The year is never constant. It should be decided without review in the currency market of the country. The variables that affect the prices Place, Where the product was produced, price components, transportation costs, labor costs, etc.
Placement is that a product is marketed, and how to reach your target market. As the countries of the third car, a lack of supermarkets, may be placed in the International Geophysical Year, or the usual shops to sell. Once the products are developed and distributed, IT support should be exactly isms, an important next step in the promotion of marketing and consuming larger portion of the budget. If you can send the same message worldwide appropriate and cost-effective, sure, that I need to implement in practice, but this is the really big challenge. Read More ...